Reserve Bank of Australia

Topics of Choice;

1. Launch a new High-Tech entertainment game for the developing world.

2. Develop a new and more secure web based trading software for the Reserve Bank of Australia.

3. The state government has hired your project management company to build a high-speed rail line from Melbourne to Mildura, taking in Tullamarine Airport, Bendigo and all major towns between Bendigo and Mildura.

Then; Use the Project Management knowledge covered by the text and lectures to;

A. Define the project in terms of scope, objectives, budget, schedule and quality. (approximately 1000 words if you have 4 group members)

B. Select which Project Life Cycle you will use for your project with an explanation why. (approximately 1500 words if you have 4 group members)

C. Then develop the Project Plan structure and provide detailed coverage of Risk, Stakeholder Management, Scheduling, Resourcing and Quality in the plan. (approximately 3000 words if you have 4 group members)

D. Provide a one page executive summary of the Project Plan. (approximately 500 words if you have 4 group members)

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