relationship between the media and the political process is a dialectical one

  1. What political journalism/media do you consume?
  1. What is the political media? And are all/any aspects of that media still playing the role of the “fourth estate”?
  1. Brian McNair writes that the “relationship between the media and the political process is a dialectical one”. What does he mean by this?
  1. McNair notes that the media “order and structure political reality”. What examples does he give? Can you provide any historical examples in Australia similar to the ones he provides for the UK? Are there any examples since the 2013 election that suggest the media is setting the agenda?
  1. George Megalogenis argues that “The institution of the media is almost impossible to manage today because it no longer respects politics”:
  • How can a media respect politics?
  • Should it respect it?
  • Provide example of recent times where politicians have attempted to manage the media
  • Has it been successful?

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