Reasons for the success of ikea furniture industry and how create brand value

For this research project you need:
1. Purpose of your study
2. Introduction, why your study is important/ needed
3. Literature review: you need to have a minimum of 8 ACADEMIC PAPERS in your literature review–> from the literature review you draw the conclusion, how your study is related, makes a contribution to knowledge, and fills a gap in the current knowledge…
at this stage you will also develop your hypotheses…. some of them may slightly change once we talk about measurements
4. Check out the papers’ sampling strategy. Most likely yours will use convenience sampling at this stage, but if you would do a “real” study, how would you achieve a representation of your population? ——————————————————————————————————–
5. Measurements: Our next step: what measurements were used in the studies you reviewed, do they make sense for your study…. are there any scales you could use…. we’ll talk about developing your own measurements and questionnaire development during this week 5………..
6. Analyses will be covered in week 6. It will depend on your measurements and hypotheses……… as a minimum you need descriptive analyses (frequency,%) mean scores and a comparison of means (2 or more groups)…..


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