Quantitative Reasoning DQR 100E budgeting essay

The paper must demonstrate the ability to apply the quantitative reasoning skills learned during the course in order to analyze and interpret the issue of the importance of budgeting in today’s society. Utilizing logic, reason, and quantitative data as well as information to support your position taken, the writer must attempt to persuade the reader of the importance of creating a budget and sticking to it. Your persuasive essay must include documentation that supports the need for budgeting. You are to fast forward to your 1st job after graduation. State the job, what your responsibilities are, your annual salary and where you want to be career-wise in 5 years and 10 years. Assume that 20% of your annual salary is for income taxes. At the end of your paper, you are to present your monthly budget based on your annual salary. The paper is due on Wednesday March 11, 2015 and must be submitted throughLiveText…..

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