quality outcomes of a key process in the organisation

the topic is “quality outcomes of a key process in the organisation”
and i have choose the company that i need to talk about it in my assignment , the name of the company is ( Australian Institute of Entreprneurship) KFQ Partners Pty Ltd t/a ,, and their website is (http://www.aiemel.vic.edu.au/index.html ). Also i have some documents about it i’ll upload it so you can look at it if you need more info about the company .

You have been asked by the general manager to write a short report recommending how to improve the quality outcomes of a key process in the organisation. The document needs to be well argued and referenced in order to convince the leadership team to adopt your recommendations. The leadership team are a sceptical group, so you will need to back up your ideas by referring to appropriate literature and making logical arguments.

should include the content below:
 Executive summary
 Context and background
 Present a definition of quality appropriate to the process identified
 Describe the existing process
 Identify problems with the existing process and try to identify causes of the problems
 Recommended process improvements and provide a rationale for the improvements
 Describe the improved process
 Briefly describe a process change strategy (how to move from the old process to the new
 Describe the expected quality outcomes
 Conclusion
 References (Harvard style)


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