Quality Management Systems – Fox Island Wind Project

You are a quality manager working on the Fox Island Wind Project. The project is now at the testing phase and will be handed over to operations soon. As a quality manager, you want to ensure that the electric power generation process is in control. For ten consecutive days, 5 times a day, you read the meter at specific times throughout the day to measure the output of the power plant. These data are stored in the attached Minitab worksheet. You will use the data and a Word document to answer the following questions:

1. What is the appropriate control chart to study the process variability (within sample variation)? Why?

2. What is the appropriate control chart to study the process mean (between samples variation)? Why?

3. Use the data provided in the Minitab worksheet to display the charts. Copy and paste the charts to the Word document and look for any evidence of assignable-cause variation

4. Is the electricity production in statistical control? Please explain.

5. What is a rational subgroup? And why is it important when collecting data for process analysis?

6. What advice do you have for the Fox Island Wind Power Project to maintain customer satisfaction?

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