Qualitative Survey

Dear participant,

Thank you very much for participating in my research project. In this research I’m analyzing the impact of brand communities in the fashion industry.

Your participation is of great importance in helping to understand consumption motives and behavior of customers. Therefore, it is of great interest to get to know how your attitudes about fashion and community.

Please answer 15 open-ended questions before as elaborately as possible. Your answers are confidential and will be used for research purposes only. By participating in this study, you consent to the data being used for these purposes.

Once again, a very big thank you for your help!

Kamila Ishalina
1. Where do you usually shop? (online vs in store)
2. How often do you shop for clothes?

3. What are your motives to shop?

4. Which brands are your favorite?

5. What are distinguishing characteristics of your favorite brands?
6. What are the most criteria for your choice of fashion products?

7. What is your attitude towards fashion?
8. What’s your attitude towards social media?

9. Do you follow fashion brands on social media? Which social media?
10. Which fashion-related events are you interested in?
11. How important for you the brand of the fashion products you buy?
12. What are the things you pay attention to when you shop?
13. To what extend opinion of others, e.g. family or friends, influences your willingness to buy a specific brand?
14. How important for you is customer service?


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