Project management

Introduction: This document describes the coursework assessment. There are two elements that are integrated such that the individual element draws heavily on the group work element. The group work allows students to apply theory espoused in reading matter, lectures and seminars/labs to be applied to problems thrown up by the group work, and through the use of project management tools and techniques to learn experientially about project management. The individual work then builds on this experience to allow students to bring together theory and practice so that they gain valuable insights into how these domains match (or do not match) each other. While contributing to the BSc degree in Business and Management, the insights, personal competencies and the general project management experience gained in this module are attributes much sought after by employers.

Learning outcomes: there are learning outcomes that you must achieve in order to be awarded the necessary credits that comprise the module and programme of study. The learning outcomes you must demonstrate for this module are:

1. to demonstrate understanding of problems, principles and methods and apply appropriate techniques to planning, co-ordination and control activity.
2. to reflect and discuss the skills relevant to project-related roles
3. to demonstrate understanding of the technical analysis, systems and staffing aspects of project-based programmes.
4. to discuss the relations between project management and performance imperatives including:
quality, productivity, efficiency, information processing and scheduling…….

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