project design and method of evaluation

hi, I need to discuss the three questions below:

1. Discuss your choices for design for your Proposal
2. Discuss your choices for potential methods of evaluation—quantitative, qualitative, or mixed [which is my recommendation 😉

for the design proposal, I am doing a capstone project for screening for depression in primary care in my hospital facility, please refer to the previous orders for the more information. It is going to be the use of screening for depression tool HQ-2 by teaching the staff in the clinic on how to use it and see the effect of implementation pre usage and post usage on detection of depression with patients who arrive to primary care clinics. the outcome will be an earlier detection of patient with depression. I will be happy if I have at least 15 % of staff (nurses, doctors) who will comply with the new rules.

for the Issel Book, please refer to the Health Program Planning and Evaluation (A Practical, systematic approach for community health by L. Michele Issel third edition, chapter 13-16. if you have second edition it will be Chapter 12-14.

please message me for any questions or if you need me to send you the copied chapters.

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