Principles of Macroeconomics

A capstone paper is meant to highlight your understanding of course materials as a whole. There are seven main objectives in this class. They are:
• Understand and apply key economic terms
• Understand and apply the basic concepts in macroeconomics
• Understand the economy in the long run
• Understand economic fluctuations and fiscal policy
• Understand money, banking and monetary policy
• Understand inflation, unemployment and economic policy
• Understand the international economy
For this assignment you should pick a topic that could include all of these objectives. Your capstone paper topic should NOT just be explanations of the above objectives; it should be a topic from current events that would allow you to show understanding of the above objectives.
Your topic must be approved by your instructor through email.
Find current articles from reputable sources (books, newspapers, journals, Internet articles, etc.) to support your discussion. You should incorporate vocabulary and information from the textbook, but the textbook should not be your only resource. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source and is not allowed to be used.


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