Primary Planning for University Budgeting

Title of Paper: Primary Planning for University Budgeting

Note: Must include Introduction and Conclusion. Be sure to use Headings and Sub-Headings.

Basic Content: Review Chapter 4 from the primary text (see below; Goldstein, 2005) and prepare a 3 page (not including APA Cover Page, References Page or any Appendices) essay discussing the following:

Define and describe the importance and function of the primary planning components involved on a university budgeting process.

Discuss how enrollment, faculty positioning, program offerings, administrative support and the current market and political environment are encompassed into the budgeting development process.

Discuss how these factors should be addressed regarding timeliness and resources.

Primary Text: You must use the following primary text book:

Goldstein, L. (2005). A Guide to College & University Budgeting. Foundations for Institutional Effectiveness. Publisher: National Association of College & University Business Officers.

Resources: You are required to utilize a minimum of 3 academic resources other than your primary text and format your document and corresponding in-text citation in 6th edition APA Style.

Format: APA Citation 6th edition………………..

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