Performance in training for boxers while they train for 5 days without fasting and train for 5 days in a fasting state.

What needs to be done.. This dissertation is to be done for a sports science Bsc..

Research question?

Is performance affected by fasting? Fasting state vs None-Fasting state. (report)

This dissertation will be looking at how performance is affected due to fasting. This research project will look at performance in training for boxers while they train for 5 days without fasting and train for 5 days in a fasting state.

The fast will start from sunrise and end when the sun sets.

5000 word dissertation.

First 2000 words need to cover existing literature in the area of research. The existing literature needs to form a rationale to why this needs to be researched and what the current research has to say about the subject.

Method: 5 males aged 18 to 30 will participate in their regular exercise activity in boxing. They will be observed for 5 days during the none-fasting state first and 5 days during fasting state immediately after. These participants will not be influenced/forced to fast or change any of their habits but consent will be taken to observe their training habits to obtain results. The experimentation needs to have taken place around January or February.

An example of the consent forum will be uploaded.

Testing method: the original testing methods are below, however I’ve been told it would be too much. This dissertation requires A test that shows heart rate changes, a test that shows body mass changes, DO NOT USE ANY BLOOD TESTING OR ANY METHOD THAT REQUIRES SAMPLES and finally something that measure mood/motivation. Also a diet diary for 5 days fasting and none-fasting, the diary then needs to show the different levels of energy intake and expenditure.

Original Method: if the writer has something better in mind that makes more sense to this dissertation than please change it. The data collection is mostly quantitative data. Please use SPSS FOR T-TESTS.

Original method:

Diet diary: 5 days for fasting and 5 days for none fasting.

Roadwork (jogging) 12miles, Sprint suicides: a boxercise circuit. Each course is up to 2minutes per exercise: lateral standing raises (5kg), lateral standing front raises (5kg), push ups, short Squats, Skipping and light punching on pads. Due to the experiment the trainer has developed a plan, which is testing and working the participants on equal grounds. (I have been told my testing methods needs to be more realistic) (a complete change maybe required)

Location: Local gym.

Participant: 5 males aged 18 to 30 will participate in their regular fasting activity and will be observed for 5 days during the fasting state and 5 days during the none fasting state. These participants will train/exercise in their regular activity (Boxing) and will be observed in performance changes in a fasting and non-fasting state. Things to be assessed are heart rate, body mass, mood/motivation.

Equipment required: Heart rate monitor,
Heart Rate: this will be taken before, during and after a training session.
Body mass: this will be taken before and after a training session.
Motivation: motivation scale (1 to 5. 1 = not motivated at all , 5 = very motivated

Results and discussion:

Show valid results according to the method and experimentation used.

This part needs to explain why the methods used to carry out the research and experiments were the right methods to use. Link it with existing literature.


Explain the validity of using the methods used. Why this method? Existing research that supports this? Is it valid? What will it show? Why assess heart rate, why body mass? Why mood? Why the visual analog scale. Reference existing research to this method.


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