Outline the variables that force global temperature changes

1. a). Define the concept of Human Ecology (2mks)

b). Giving relevant examples, distinguish between positive and negative feedback (4mks)

c). With relevant examples outline the three ways in which human activities impact an ecosystem (6mks)

d). Briefly explain the five common perceptions of nature (10mks)

e). Using an example, explain the phrase “tragedy of the commons” (10mks)

2. Discuss the Gaia Hypothesis and explain its relevance to environmental decision making (20mks)

3. Why do environmental problems sometimes appear so suddenly? (20mks)

4. a). Outline the variables that force global temperature changes (10mks)

b). Society transformations are altering the context for adapting to climate change. Discuss (10mks)

5. Distinguish Co-evolution and Co-adaptation as unsustainable human-ecosystem interaction giving relevant examples (20mks)





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