Outline the pressures on aquatic ecosystems and discuss their causes

Answer Question ONE and any other THREE

1). Write short notes on the following and give one example of each. (25mks)

a). Acculturation

b). Cultural convergent evolution

c). Social structures and social control

d). Indigenous knowledge systems

e). Totemism

2). ” Poverty in developing countries has become a challenge in achieving sustainable development”. In reference to the statement above, discuss the link between poverty and conservation of environmental resources. (15mks)

3). Current environmental laws in Kenya have rendered culture irrelevant in conserving natural resources. Discuss. (15mks)

4). Explain the land tenure systems in Kenya today and show how their use and management has changed over the years. (15mks)

5). Explain the impacts of cultural diversity in Kenya to environmental resource conservation. (15mks)






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