Organ Rejection Treatment

Written Report
Regardless of which approach you undertake to complete this requirement, a written report (15-25 pages) of this project must include:

a comprehensive, well integrated review of the relevant scholarly literature,
a problem or outcome statement that specifies the goal of the project,
a description of the process by which the project was undertaken and,
some element of research-based (quantitative or qualitative) evaluation, either as the specific goal of the project, or as an evaluation of the goal of the project.
The written format of the project is flexible, but must be formatted using APA style guidelines. Your project may take the form of a manuscript, a thesis, or the form of a report. Possible project format/approaches include:

Research Report- The Capstone Project could involve the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to address a public health concern. The report would include the traditional components of a research paper: research question, review of the scholarly literature, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion.
Public Health/Health Care Program Plan- The Capstone Project would involve the development of a plan to implement a public health or health care program. The plan would include a needs assessment, analysis of the data, plans to implement and manage the program, fiscal concerns, and/or logistical issues.
Analysis of a Public Health or Health Care Problem- The Capstone Project would be an in depth analysis of an important public health or health care problem. The report would clearly state the problem, assess the magnitude of the problem, evaluate its causes and determinants, discuss prevention and intervention strategies, and evaluation. This approach may be relevant if you decide to complete an internship or use your current work experience to fulfill this requirement.
Regardless of the format/approach, the following components should be included in your project:

Title page-  including title of project, student name, month and year, location where the project was completed, if applicable.
Acknowledgements page-  that expresses appreciation to any individuals, agencies, or organizations that supported the project
Abstract Page- This should not exceed a 250-word description of the project.
Suggested Format:
Purpose or Problem Statement
Discussion and Conclusion
Lessons Learned: What did you learn from this experience (one page to summarize your project, an expanded abstract)
References – This includes an appropriately cited (list of citations that actually appear in the paper)
Formatting Requirements

15-25 pages (not including references, tables and figures)
Title page, acknowledgment page, abstract page
APA style formatting


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