Nurse’s role in relation to legal, ethical (abortion) and psychosocial aspects of pregnant adolescent in Australia

Nurse’s role in relation to legal,ethical (abortion) and psychological aspects of pregnancy diagnosis in an adolescent

Nurse’s role in relation to legal, ethical (abortion) and psychosocial aspects of pregnant adolescent in Australia.
Introduction, body paragraph and conclusion are required.
The essay should critically evaluate the content of the artefacts (references) and the importance of using and evaluating evidence- based artefacts when caring for an adolescent mother relevant to current Australian nursing practice.
This assessment task will allow students to demonstrate their critical thinking and reasoning, as well as their research skills. Essay will also demonstrate how evidence based information can be implemented into contemporary Australian Nursing practice.
References may include images, diagrams, articles, web-links, charts, forms, test results, policies, procedures, skills activities / competencies), books that relate directly to nursing care for a child/adolescent/family.

Marking criteria- Essay should:
The essay clearly addresses the adolescent pregnant mother .
The essay demonstrates breadth of reading and important critical evaluation of the contents of the artefact selected for the essay.
Clear understanding of the artefact content demonstrated in relation to the pregnant adolescent mother.
Outstanding discussion with higher level critical thinking demonstrated.
Significant clinical arguments and issues presented which are clearly supported by higher order evidence based articles and sources.
Appropriate citation of and extensive number of higher level sources and evidence of artefact use.

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