nuclear generated power and the community

This literature review will link environmental / social topics with one of the following moral approaches / practices:

–          Kant, Virtue, Human Rights, Duty of Care, Neoliberalism, Utilitarianism, Egoism, Consequentialist, Corporate Social Responsibility

You should negotiate a topic (see below for list) with your team members and class facilitator (first in, best dressed).

Each team member will select a different moral approach for their literature review using the same topic as the base for the review i.e.: all members of the group (team) have chosen pollution as their base topic, now each member will decide which of the above ethical approaches that they will use in their literature review.

Choose from one of these environmental topics:

–          Air pollution; fracking and water quality; nuclear generated power and the community; generic engineering and food safety; costs of medicines and health care;  medical advancements and longevity of life; and consumer goods – littering and management of wastes

Once your team has confirmed a unique literature review topic based around the environment each member will complete a review of the literature based on her/his unique moral frame.

Here are some examples of the application of ethical concepts to an environmental issue or concern, and stated as a literature review topics:

·         Kant and the environment

·         Duty of care and the use of fracking to gain energy sources

·         Human Rights and  privatisation

·         Neoliberalism and the environment

·         The ethics of private/public partnerships

Corporate social responsibility and communities



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