Nopal Cactus


MKTG 1101 Consumer Behaviour


This assignment is designed to encourage students to explore the impact of consumer behaviour on marketing strategy through the examination of an actual product/ service category. Working in groups, you are required to demonstrate the application of consumer behaviour concepts at various stages of an organisation’s marketing planning process. The discussion of concepts will help you to achieve a deeper level of learning.  The application of the concepts will prepare you for discussion and use of these concepts in other marketing subjects and in the world of work.



We are going to write about a product Mama Nattura

  • Nopal Cactus is a staple food in the Mexican diet and over the years it has gained popularity in the U.S and Europe for its medicinal properties and high nutritional profile.


Please directly write those 2 parts of a report base on :


Target Consumer:
Who – young female, 21 – 35 years old, mid – high income earning with expendable income (lots of money!) who want a ‘quick fix’ to weight loss and are prime targets for novelty products and fads

What – Post-work out drink (female version of male protein shake) to aid their weightloss and health-kick

Where – women-only gyms, women health clinics, women naturalpaths

When – during their health kick (won’t become a regular part of their diet because it doesn’t taste good but they will use it regardless to loose weight during a short period ie when preparing for a wedding)

Why – To loose weight and provide body with nutrients quickly and conveniently




  1. Identification of Target Market(s) to align with proposed positioning statement(s) : (250 words)


3.1 Who is (are) the primary target market(s) for this product? You may wish to allocate segment labels.


Describe these segments in terms of demographics (e.g., subcultural, social class, family life cycle stage, etc.), psychographic (personality, AIOs, and/or lifestyle such as VALS2 or geodemographics, etc), and behavioral (benefits sought, deal proneness, heavy usage, etc.)



3.2 Are there any potential market segments you would recommend for this product Describe these segments as above.


Primary target market(s) for this product? Describe these markets in terms of demographic, psychographic, and other relevant characteristics.




  1. External Influences (250 words)


4.1 Culture and Subculture: What core values does this target market uphold? (Refer to Schwartz 10 core values), Are the values upheld in the society consistent with the consumption of the product and /or service?  Does the product/ service appeal to a specific adopter category?


4.2 Demographics: Is there an influence of age, gender, socioeconomic influences upon consumption? Explain


Culture and Subculture, Demographics: Is there an influence of age, gender, socioeconomic influences upon consumption?


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