Murphy’s and Rorty’s articles

Which of the following best describes what Murphy’s and Rorty’s articles have in common?

They both base their views entirely on their presentation of the philosophy of Immanuel Kant.

They both argue that the fear of death, in any degree, is always harmful and irrational and must be avoided. In other words, they both argue that we must never fear death.

They both argue that fears can be useful to us by helping us to avoid dangerous things.

They both define all fears in terms of a hope for the afterlife.


Which of the following is a difference between the Murphy and Rorty articles?

Murphy’s article is primarily concerned with issues arising from Biomedical Ethics, while Rorty’s article is primarily concerned with understanding Epicurus correctly.

Murphy, but not Rorty, develops four criteria to determine when it is rational for a person to fear something.

Rorty, but not Murphy, explains the history of the human fear of death, from prehistoric times to the present, in order to understand how that fear arose in Western civilization.

Rorty is primarily interested in death as it is described by religions, whereas Murphy is primarily interested in death as it is discussed in medicine, science, and philosophy.

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