Microeconomic Report

The formal individual assignment is modelled as a country report. Students are expected to choose a
country, probably one in which they have a personal interest, and analyse recent macroeconomic events.
A full-blown report of the entire economy probably exceeds the scope of the assignment. So students are
encouraged to focus on specific events (say, devaluation, financial crisis, disinflation etc.), or specific
policies (say, a suggested liberalization of an industry) and report on their development and
implementation using the concepts, frameworks and techniques acquired in class.
Since the analytical tools used in class are largely micro oriented, the borderline between a macro and a
micro policy is often unclear. In case of such doubts, students are encouraged to consult with the class
You will be required to submit one individual formal assignment, of a maximum of 4,000 words (including
appendices etc.)…

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