Media Influence Analysis of an advertisement

Choose an advertisement to analyze. Many of the issues concerning media influence, from responsible journalism to advertising campaigns to consumption, media controls our wants, opinions, emotions, and behaviors; as a result, we have become a nation in both moral and financial debt. In this essay, it’s important to consider the ramifications of mass media and its impact on the populace. You will be asked to deconstruct one of the following topics in a documented, focused essay that uses specific evidence to support your point.

Analyze a print advertisement intended to sell a product of some kind. As you begin your analysis, you should consider the elements of visual arguments.

Freewriting Questions:
1. What strategies does the ad use to convey its message?
2. How are color and layout used?
3. Which emotions do they target?
4. How is argument conveyed through the visual elements?
5. Which “ideal” images does the ad sell?
6. Which symbols does it use to convey a hidden subtext? …..

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