Measuring the Efficacy of a Culturally Tailored Intervention for Diabetes Management

The identified phenomenon of interest is concerned with the growing number of obese Hispanic individuals with Type 2 Diabetes and the lack of knowledge and behavioral barriers that prevent effective self-care in this group. The purpose of this proposed Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) evidenced based study is to implement a 12-week culturally tailored diabetes education program for adult patients age 18 years and older with Type 2 Diabetes who have a BMI >30. The project will be conducted in large metropolitan area in New Jersey with participants who are part of a primary care practice. A valid and reliable measure, developed in Spanish, using the American Diabetes Association (ADA) (2015) guidelines will be used to evaluate the participants’ knowledge before and after the education program.
In addition, the objective of the program is to improve these individuals’ lives by increasing their knowledge of dietary planning, increasing their physical activity, and improving their medication control in order to achieve the following outcomes: decrease their weight, blood pressure and Hba1c levels. The nursing model that will be used is Leininger’s (2006) Culture Care Theory diversity and universality framework.


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