Marketing Design and Innovation assignment

Marketing Design and Innovation assignment has two tasks and both tasks are evaluated separately.
Prior to addressing the assignment requirement, it is vital to obtain an understanding on the “assignment context”.

You are required to select a contemporary consumer, industrial or commercial product or service that for one reason or another inspires you to critique within the context of this module. Explain why this choice has influenced you.( you can choose any topic and apply all the required on it )

Upon understanding the assignment context, it is vital to address both the tasks with sufficient depth and breadth.

Task One

The word count of “Task One” is 2000 words and the weightage placed to this task is 75%.

In this task, you need to conduct a written critique of the way in which characteristics of the chosen innovative product or service has altered over time in order to suit the changing needs of the market.

Product selection

Choosing an innovative product which has evolved over time is crucial in this assignment. For instance, the most popular choices are ‘Samsung Galaxy S series’, ‘Apple iPhone Series’ etc.

It is vital to ensure that you mention a specific brand name to the chosen product when explaining about the product evolvement. Some students use the generic product without a brand name such as TV which is not acceptable. Instead, you need to choose a particular brand such as ‘Sony’ and then explain how they have been innovative in terms of their TV versions. Further, it is important to ensure that the chosen product is not very old as it is always good to have a current product.

Task one sub question requirements:
• The benefits and value derived by the clients or customers or recipients
• The uniqueness of its design elements – shape, colour, design, imagination, relevance and usefulness
• Its brand appeal in relation to competitors in contemporary markets
When addressing these aspects, it is vital to use relevant theory and apply them well to the chosen product. Theories such as innovation diffusion mode, product life cycle, product onion etc will be useful in this regard.

It is best to use relevant sub headings in line with the assignment requirements to present the answer so that it provides easy reference for the examiner in marking too. This task has to be presented using a third person perspective as this is a written critique.

Task Two

The word count of “Task Two” is 1000 words and the weightage placed to this task is 25%.

Write a critical reflective essay on your journey of discovery through the module, set within the context of the learning outcomes. In particular, describe how the course challenged your thinking, brought to you new and interesting ideas and concepts, or, presented approaches to the topic with which you may have disagreed.

In my experience, students do not seem to be understanding this requirement clearly. Most of the students focus on the chosen product to present the answer. Whereas the requirement is to present a reflective essay on the journey of discovery through the module in line with the learning outcomes. Therefore, the focus needs to be on the journey through the MDI module and not really the product.

Journey of discovery through the module using learning outcomes can be presented using following sub headings:
• How the course challenged your thinking
• How the course brought to you new and interesting ideas and concepts, or, presented approaches to the topic with which you may have disagreed.
You need to present this answer using the first person perspective ‘I’ as it’s a reflective essay about your experience in the course.

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