Manufacturing Strategy

Required layout- Manufacturing Strategy Document (an executive summary), followed by the body of the assignment text based on the Terry Hill Model.

1) Manufacturing Strategy Document – To be a 1 – 2 page statement of the final manufacturing strategy proposed for the SBU I division (summarized from The Assignment Text below), and to include decisions, as appropriate, relating to the following issues (a list which can be extended):
a) Process choice
i) Choice of process
ii) Role of inventory
iii) Make or buy
iv) Capacity (size, timing, location)
b) Infrastructure
i) Function support
ii) Manufacturing planning and control systems
iii) Quality assurance and control
iv) Manufacturing systems engineering
v) Clerical procedures
vi) Salary I wage agreements
vii) Work structuring
viii)Organisation structure

2) The assignment text- This is the body of the report, and should include:
a) Development I completion of SBU I Division objectives and strategies which support corporate level objectives and strategies. This will require the application of appropriate theory, including strategic concepts. (It is expected that this will represent approximatel…


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