Managing Individualised Service Delivery ( social work and social science core subject)

Managing Individualised Service Delivery ( social work and social science core subject)


In the practice of Case management the following are the stages:
-Screening And Intake

Write 50 words of each using the essential textbook ( MUST READ):
Gursansky, D, Kennedy, R & Camilleri, P 2012, The Practice of Case MANAGEMENT , 1st Edition, Allen and Unwin, St Leonards, NSW.

This course critically analyses approaches to individualised service delivery in the human services, in particular to plan and manage interventions from a case management perspective.

The Course Outline is available on this page and will also be available in hard copy when we meet in class on Monday 13th April.

A participatory approach to learning is assumed which draws upon both student and staff expertise and shared responsibility for class sessions.The sessions are designed to have considerable student participation.

Course Content
Students will develop advanced knowledge of the definitions, characteristics and processes of case MANAGEMENT, the influences on its historical development and practice models and critical issues and ethical dilemmas in case management. Students will use cognitive and analytic skills to develop their understanding of organisational, worker and professional perspectives, consumer and carer perspectives, the process of case management and the difference between case management and other service delivery approaches.

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