macro and micro factors that affect the strategic and operational management practices of a sports event

• First, discuss and research some potential sport events with your group. Shortlist 3-4 events, then do some preliminary research. Find out if there is information available to you (e.g. website information, annual reports, statements, videos, media reports, through contacts in the organisation, etc.). There is no point choosing an event about which there is no information.

• Second, choose an event. Choose one that will sustain your interest, and about which there is sufficient information available to you. Events that are managed by well-resourced organisations are likely to have the most information. Some organisations will have sections on their websites dedicated to ‘events’, and may have information loaded in PDF.

• Finally, please choose sport events other than those three identified in the Subject Guide (i.e. not the Commonwealth Games 2014, Nova International (The Great Run Company), and Tough Mudder). These events are case studies, and as such, are inappropriate choices for this assessment.

The following items/headings provide a guide for your plan:

1. Section 1 – Event description and project proposal (5 marks). The project proposal section will:

a. Clearly and concisely describe the nature and scope of the event; Note: for the description of the nature and scope of the event, groups may wish to refer to the following event elements:
o Name and Venue(s)/location of the event; Name and location of the organisation managing the event; Date of the event; Event purpose; Participants; Pricing; Bidding (if applicable); key personnel in the management structure; Media partners; Key stakeholders & Key sponsors.

a. Identify S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic & time bound) objectives that address project quality, resource and time components. A minimum of 3 x S.M.A.R.T. objectives will be needed.

2. Section 2 – Project Plan (20 marks). Section 2 presents the means to achieve these objectives, where a coherent project management plan will be submitted. This plan will:

a. Contain at least 1 printout per student in the group from the project management software (i.e. a group of 4 x students = 4 printouts, a group of 3 x students = 3 printouts, etc.)

b. These printouts will contain at least 10 activities per person (i.e. a group of 4 x students = 40 activities, a group of 3 x students = 30 activities, etc.);

c. Identify the critical path;

d. Provide realistic information relating to time, people and cost.

3. Section 3 – Justification of activities through theory and practice (10 marks). Section 3 will:

a. Explain the meaning of these printouts, and justify the choice of activities selected through reference to pertinent theory and practice.

 Note: as each student will contribute their printout, each student will contribute a justification for their printout. However, the justifications must be cohesive. That is, they must be logical and consistent when presented together, and not contradict each other.

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