Logistics function as a model for enhancing customers' satisfaction and service quality

(a) The research report should address a stated research question using ‘case study’ as a qualitative research approach.
(b) Discussion of the appropriateness of the approach and method chosen (case study) for exploration of the selected topic.
(c) combine interview with analysis of documentary sources and some observation work.
(d) reference to relevant methological literature and discussion of the key methodological issues including ethics.
(e) description of the research method (case study) as carried out.
(f) selective/illustrative presentation of the research data collected.
(g) analysis of the data presented and discussion of the method of analysis.
(h) critical assessment of the project.
((I) bibliography
(k) appendices (this can include copies of research instruments used, extracts from interview transcripts, extract from field notes etc…………………………

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