Local resources: Medina County Ohio Public Policy on Teen Suicide Who are the policy actors, and how do they influence your policy area? Policy actors in a particular area typically include formal and informal actors who are active in shaping policy. They include those who create policies, those who seek to influence policy and those who implement policy. Legislative committees, public agencies, interest groups, issue networks and research organizations are all examples of policy actors. Prepare a paper of 2-4 double-spaced pages (minimum 1000 words) that identifies and describes the actors in your policy area and how they influence your particular policy.

Cultural influences:  The new frugality?

Post your reply (in your own words) and provide your thoughts in at least 250 words, and number your responses.

Cultural influences:  The new frugality?

Unemployment is up. The value of consumers’ homes and stock investments have dropped. What savings people have earns little interest. And some prices have risen, such as for gas, health care, and education. Recently, stories in the media have made the case that economic trends will cause people to be more frugal in regards to their saving and spending.


1. Assume that the trend toward frugality is real. Discuss its likely effects on consumers’
affect, cognitions, and behaviors and on the social and physical environment.

2. Select a product of your choice and discuss two implications of your analysis in the question above for developing marketing strategies for that product.

Here is a video that discusses the “post-crisis consumer.”


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