List the factors that influence pathogenicity of a pathogen

1. List the similarities and differences between hyphomycetes and entomophthoralean species of fungi (5 marks)
2. Describe the basic life cycle, as exemplified by Entomophthora muscae (5 marks)
3. Describe trap types of predaceous hyphomycetes (6 marks)
4. List the factors that influence pathogenicity of a pathogen (4 marks)
5. Describe mechanisms involved in biocontrol with Trichoderma species (6 marks)

6. Describe the general life cycle for Leganidium giganteum. At what stage of the life cycle can be targeted for control of mosquitoes? (5 marks)
7. Why is it not possible to control viral diseases by spraying them with chemicals? (3 marks)
8. Explain how viral diseases are transmitted (5 marks)
9. List the major vectors of plant viruses (5 marks)
10. Explain the potential hazards and safety concerns of using Biological control agents.





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