List ten facilities provided by these digital exchanges

1.Explain in point form the factors that an office manager should consider when allocating tasks to members of staff.(20 marks)

2.Briefly explain the basic factors which should be considered when buying modern office furniture.(20 marks)

3.The need for organization and re-organization of office activities should be established prior to the implementation of the organization and re-organization of office activities.

(a) Identify the symptoms of poor and inefficient organization of office activities.(10 marks)

(b) Identify the steps which should be taken when setting out a re-organization of an office.(10 marks)

4.Modern switchboards are operated electronically and provide fast and efficient communication links both within the organization and externally.

List ten facilities provided by these digital exchanges.(20 marks)

5.How does physical and psychological well-being of office workers depend upon the application of ergonomics:

(a) at the office stage?(12 marks)

(b) in the selection of office equipment and machinery?(8 marks)









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