List any FOUR possible causes of inefficiency in air braking system.

1) a) List any FOUR possible causes of inefficiency in air braking system. (4 marks)
b) Describe a procedure for re-lining rear brake shoes and testing the vehicle for brake efficiency using a decelerometer. (16 marks)
2) a) State any FOUR possible causes of power loss in automatic gearbox. (4 marks)
b) A vehicle has its automatic gearbox overhauled and fitted back. Describe how to carry out all the necessary tests on the vehicle before handing over the vehicle to the owner.
(16 marks)

3) A public service vehicle is due for road worthiness inspection. Describe necessary preparations required under the following headings.
a) Suspension. (5 marks)

b) Brakes (5 marks)

c) Electrical (5 marks)

d) Interior (5 marks)

4) a) A vehicle is suspected to have a worn clutch plate. Describe a test to determine the plate condition. (4 marks)
b) If the test in (a) indicate a worn clutch plate, describe how to replace it. (16 marks)




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