Learning and memory represents two sides of the same coin. Explain

1. a) Define human development. (3.5 mks)
b)Discuss the role of maturation and learning in human development. (13mks)

2. a) Explain any two domains of development. (4mks)
b)Discuss the three important sources of contextual influences in development. (13.5 mks)

3. What is a theory? Discuss Sigmund Freud”s psychosexual development theory. (17.5 mks)

4. How do children construct and modify their schemes according to Piaget”s theory of cognitive development. )17.5mks)

5. a) Learning and memory represents two sides of the same coin. Explain (17.5 mks)
b) With relevant examples discuss the development of any two memory strategies of information processing. (10mkks)

6. Discuss the three levels of Kohlberg”s theory of moral development. (17.5mks)

7. a) Explain the two aspects of parenting that are important throughout childhood and adolescence. (7mks)
b) Discuss a relationship between child rearing patterns/styles and development outcomes in adolescent stage (10.5 mks)

8. Using relevant examples, discuss how children develop self-regulation. (17.5mks)




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