Kant's interpretation of the problem of transference seemed to be the most plausible

This paper realizes that Kant’s interpretation of the problem of transference seemed to be the most plausible. The focus of this paper needs to be ONLY about Kant and the problem of transference. The text-based argumentative essay that I need to write requires that you perform each of the below tasks — and a few others (I will attach the complete guidelines for the paper). communicating precisely what the issue at stake is — an author’s claim — and what your stance is with respect to that issue;
ascertaining and making explicit what is the argument offered by the author in support of his or her claim; exploring the implications of what is stated in the text; and discovering and constructing arguments for and/or against the claims contained in the text. I recently turned in the first three paragraphs to show my progress on the paper. My main professor dealing with this final essay said “Could you, in your Introduction, give a more specific historical context and a reference/s?” Kant sought to ground Newtonian principles of physics in his transcendental explanation of the laws of nature, specifically, in his discussion of the “third analogy” (under the principles of understanding. This would give you some historical context, and a specific point of departure.” Any or all of the references can be used but my professor asked me to add references to Kant’s works: “Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics,” and “Critique of Pure Reason.” as two of my references…….

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