Journalism Assignments

If you are a journalism student, then you will have to contend with the fact that you will have to churn out lots of essays during your time in college or university. Due to the demanding nature of journalism programs, it pays to be effective in completing tasks fast so that you have more time to research your topics or be ready to break the next big news to your fellow students.

Tips for Completing Your Journalism Assignments Fast

Here are some useful tips you can use to help you complete your journalism essays fast-:

Plan the essay

Spend about ten minutes planning the essay before you begin the actual tasks of writing. During the planning, be sure to read and understand the essay question and try to internalize what exactly is demanded of you. Figure out your probable sources of references and start thinking about how you are going to do the outline, which will ultimately guide your entire writing.

Brainstorm the thesis statement

The thesis statement will tell your readers about the points or the arguments you are going to present in your paper. It will be like the road map your essay will take as you try to give answers to the essay question. With the thesis statement, you should take a stand and let the reader know your exact position about the topic.

Create an outline

If you want to be writing top notch journalism assignments, then you must always be creating an outline with every paper your write. A rough outline should highlight the main sections of the essay, including the introduction, body and conclusion. Each should be a section where you will write conclusively about the topic.

The actual writing

With all the preparations made, the actual writing should not take a lot of your time. The key components to consider with every journalism assignment include-:

  • Use hooks in the introduction – hooks will keep the reader attracted to the essay immediately and they will be interested in knowing what follows in the subsequent paragraphs. Some of the hooks you can consider using include a provocative question, a surprising example, a thought provoking quotation, or a vivid anecdote.
  • Write the body paragraphs – flesh out each of the paragraphs with one example from your main point. Each paragraph should start with a strong argumentative point related to your main argument.
  • Summarize your thoughts in the conclusion – the conclusion should be clear and to the point. Don’t introduce new ideas or arguments at this stage. A good conclusion should relate to the main points and the stand you took at the beginning of the essay.

Edit the work

After completing the work, take some time to edit it to ensure the flow as well as the accuracy of the reference materials is okay. Also check for grammatical and spelling mistakes before you finally submit the work.

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