Job analysis covers the entire domain of human resource management. Discuss

a. Human resource management is only a support function and an organization should not bother creating a specialized department for it since it achieves no objectives. Discuss this statement. (10 marks)
b. Job analysis covers the entire domain of human resource management. Discuss. (10 marks)
c. Explain the main activities involved in developing effective compensation programmes. (10 marks)
Examine the disadvantages of internal sources of recruits and explain how selection tests can be used to whit down a pool of applicants. (10 marks)
Explore the main causes of work related accidents and illnesses and the organizational response to health and safety.(10 marks)
Vividly discuss the components of the performance management cycle and identify five errors that may occur during performance appraisal. (10 marks)
Discuss the objectives of trade unions and highlight the forms of unfair labour practices that an employer may engage in.(10 marks)








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