investigating the influence and limitation of WeChat as business Marketing communication tool

I need to write a research paper about Chinese Mobile instant messager – WeChat. How Wechat is influenced the Chinese business marketing or any other field. Any limitation or suggestion? The idea is pretty general, fell free to narrow it down. My topic is temporary, you are welcome to change it.

The research paper must start with an introduction that carefully articulates the problem or topic addressed in the paper. It must clearly state the research question and give evidence concerning why it is important. You are advised to select narrow well-defined topics. The research paper must contain a thorough literature survey that deeply explores the selected topic. The literature survey should be rooted in the academic literature (journals, conference proceedings, etc) but may also include trade publications. You are expected to demonstrate knowledge of the specifics of the literature and recent contributions to the body of knowledge in the topic selected. The literature survey is not just a passive collection of data but must reflect a critical assessment of the state of knowledge in the selected topic. The research paper must therefore include some critical analysis of the literature.

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