integrating different health care basic principles

Evidence-based practice (EBP) it’s a role that had been practiced since its formation and introduction in 1992. As indicated by Lakerveld, Glonti, & Rutter (2016), it plays paramount roles in the society in recent past, the physicians ‘and medical professions scope of practices are very vital, and has gradually advanced with time due to the provider shortages and health reforms, which it has made an increased roles and advancement. The role of an Evidence-based practice has become inevitable, even in the areas rich in physicians functions and hence spreading to other professional related fields. It also provides a comprehensive and full range of primary health care services information science. Evidence-based- practice ( EBP)had been primarily referred to as being a “three-legged stool” with an advanced level of integrating different health care basic principles. This includes (i) The noted research evidence from the analysis showing how the treatment works, and why it works, (ii) Clinical study and the findings from the expertise with an aim of identifying each patient’s health status regarding diagnosis. Also, different individual risks and benefits regarding potential interventions, (iii) The client related preferences regarding his or her and values. Evidence-based Behavioral Practice (EBBP), as being outlined by Lakerveld, Glonti, & Rutter (2016), it entails the importance of making proper decisions about and on how to improve and promote healthcare or provide enhancement care through integrating the best excellent care services needed. Inferring from Steels (2016), in his article, Health Promotion general outlines the importance of values while carried out to those affected and preferences of those who will be affected



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