Importance and benefits of adhering to the ASX Principles and Recommendations

You have been retained by Star Limited as a specialist Corporate Governance Advisor.

Your brief is to provide a paper to Star Limited at their next company meeting on corporate governance practice. You are required to:

• Outline how to maintain and establish good corporate governance once their company is listed, in accordance with the 3rd Ed ASX Principles and Recommendations 2014 and other relevant statements, law or guidance (and address any specific risks they may have).

• You should discuss the pros and cons of corporate governance – demonstrate the benefits to them as a listed entity in having good corporate governance, together with any downsides.

• You must assist your client to understand the importance and benefits of adhering to the ASX Principles and Recommendations by referring to the HIH case study. You may refer to other case studies as well if you wish (but your focus should be on HIH).


• You are encouraged to incorporate the text of the Principles within the document rather than in appendices as it will assist the flow. If you include blocks of the text of the Principles within your assignment these will not be included in the word limit.

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