Image Splicing Forgery Detection

A new Approach to Image Splicing Forgery Detection Based on Slantlet transform”

chapter 3 and chapter 4 , methodology and result and discussion

need first 25 pages out of 100 by now

i send now the detail of chapter 1,

i have already done my chapter 1 before but i need better English
i need 14/15 pages in chapter 1.
if can highlight more the problem statement.i need better examples to explain the problem. if can more detail more discussion, more explain about the problem,
i need talking about the solution that i propose
pls if there are problem or not understand part just email me
i can divide the work on 2 part
1- detection of image splicing forgery. draft idea paper attached (paper n 1). and the paper from where i take the work and i change the DCT to SLT.
2- detection the location of forgery in image.draft idea paper   (paper n 2) and thesis from where i take the idea and i change in it using SLT .
attached file draft of my chapter 1.
attached thesis 1 start from page 37
attached thesis 2 (data sets)
attached good thesis (chapter 1 objective)
attached 4 papers for Slantlet transform SLT.
next email with other file attached.

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