Identify the THREE key players in a software development project and explain their role in the project

Question One (30marks)
a) Explain THREE triggers for a system development project [6 marks]
b) Amanda works for international office equipment (IOE) which manufactures and supplies various items of high technology office equipment. An expanding area of their work is the maintenance of IT equipment. They have now started to undertake maintenance of equipment for which they were not original suppliers. They use a computer based batch processing for invoicing on a job-by-job basis. An organization might have to call IOE out several times to deal with different bits of equipment and there is need to be able to group the invoice details for work done into group accounts for which monthly statements will be produced. Amanda has been given her first project management role, the task of implementing this extension to the invoicing system.

i. Which of the three system options i.e. bespoke, of the shelf or COTs might Amanda
consider with regard to the IOE maintenance group account system? Explain your
reasoning [4 marks]
ii. What important stakeholders outside the IOE organization might be considered in the case of the IOE Maintenance Group Account System? Explain [2 marks]
c) Outline the EIGHT main stages of software development to be applied where an off-the-Shelf package is to be use [4 marks]
i Identify the THREE key players in a software development project and explain their role in the project [6 marks]
ii With the aid of a diagram explain the relationship of the THREE players with regard to
development of a new system. [6 marks]
e) Giving a reason for your answer categorize an operating system as an information or an embedded system [2 marks]






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