IB0615 2 Answer any four questions Q1 (a) Describe the main features of the following production methods: (i) Job production (ii) Batch production (iii) Cell production (12 marks) (b) A manufacturer currently uses a batch production system. The company wants to increase production and is planning to introduce a flow production system. Identify and explain the possible problems associated with such a change. (13 marks) (Total 25 marks) Q2 (a) The manager of an engineering company is concerned about the quality of the goods produced by the company. Explain how the use of each of the following could improve quality control: (i) Self-checking (ii) Quality circles (iii) Kaizen (iv) Benchmarking (16 marks) (b) The company is considering moving the factory from its current location on the edge of a city to a new and undeveloped site in the countryside 20 miles away. Identify and explain three problems that the company might face with such a relocation. (9 marks) (Total 25 marks) Q3 (a) A family-owned private limited company manufactures office equipment in its three wholly-owned factories. The company wants to expand and build two further factories in Europe. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using the following sources of finance

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using the following sources of finance to raise the £8 million required for the expansion:
(i)Sale and leaseback of its three factories
(ii)An issue of new shares
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