How would you decide if a regulation is successful? A failure?

Question descriptionI attached a 3 paragraph case study “Should Financial Markets Face Greater Government Regulations” The 5 questions below must be answered. This is a business ethics class.

  1. Given that this issue isn’t a simple matter of regulations or not, but involves a range of options along a continuum of less-to more regulation, do you generally support more or less regulation of economic markets? What facts are relevant in answering this question? Does it depend on the type of regulation or the industry being regulated?
  2. How would you decide if a regulation is successful? A failure?
  3. What values support a policy of deregulation? What values count against it?
  4. Other than the industry regulated, who are some other stakeholders that might be affected by government regulation?
  5. What might serve as an alternative to government regulations? Can professional codes and standards play a role?

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