how to market (publicise) a historical building on John Bunyan to the public but also to corporates (presented by a Director at Luton Football Club).

This assignment is based on a real life project on how to market (publicise) a historical building on John Bunyan to the public but also to corporates (presented by a Director at Luton Football Club). This will ensure that you can apply and reflect on the project management knowledge and skills learnt.
This includes 3 milestone presentations to the project panel
Project Plan Presentation
In groups, you are required to present your project plan towards your real life project, covering these three areas:
1. Feasibility and business case
2. Project time management
3. Risk and Communication strategy
Length of presentation: 15 minutes
Presentation assessment criteria

1. Feasibility and Business Case/Benefits Analysis (Needs to be detailed and cover points such as Reasons, Expected Benefits, Stakeholders, Key milestones, Costs, Net Benefits, Risks and Constraints)

2. Project Time Management
This includes the following 4 components:
a)Work Breakdown Structure

b)Activity List
 Activities should be the same as those listed in the WBS(Work breakdown structure)
 Samples of Completeness of activities to deliver project products
 Each Activity allocated to an individual project team member/s

c) Diagram and Critical Path Analysis
 Evidence of forward and backward pass calculations

d)Gantt Chart
 Evidence that Microsoft Project (or Project software) used? How detailed is it?3. Risk and Communications Strategy

a. Project Risk Assessment
i. Risk Identification – How thorough?
ii. Risk Assessment – Probability Matrix….how realistic?
iii. Risk Responses – How appropriate?
iv. Risk Register/log Sample(s) provided

b. Stakeholder Analysis and for each stakeholder:
i. Identification of how the stakeholder could help or hinder the project
ii. What needs to be communicated
iii. How it will be communicated (e.g. email or a meeting)
iv. When communications will occur (e.g. daily, weekly)



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