How technology has a major influenced our society today

required: Turn in the final draft of your 4-6-page paper (@1250-1800 words) on one of the following topics. You are expected to cite at least three sources (outside of the course text) in supporting your thesis on your chosen topic. Please double-space the paper, using Times New Roman font in 12-point. You must use MLA formatting and documentation style. Be sure to put all copied words, phrases, sentences, etc. in quotation marks and cite all paraphrased words, ideas, and arguments. Feel free to include illustrations in your paper.


this is the topic: Discuss, compare and contrast at least three technological advances, occurring in at least three different centuries, which have changed the media and/or purposes of art in major ways.


I’ve already chosen the topics. They are the following


Final paper part 1 outline

Entertainment is a form of amusement that holds interested of an audience usually provided by performers. Storytelling, music, theater, games, and dance are just a few different kinds of performance that exist in all cultures. With all the technology we have in the palm of our hands, we are now fortunate to listen to it like a piano, look at it at through a picture or watch it on a television. In the 1700’s Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the piano, 1800’s Joseph Niepce makes the first modern photograph, and in the 1900’s John Logie Baird developed a modern electronic television. All these different centuries have given us today the entertainment we have today. The technological advances have changed the way we view, listen, and play these forms of arts.


I.                   1700’s The Piano was created by Bortolomeo Cruistofori

A.                History of the piano

B.                 How it influence art



II.                1800’s the first modern photograph by Joseph Niepce

A.                History of the first photograph

B.                 How art is now expressed and view by a picture


III.             1900’s John Logie Baird developed a modern electric television

A.                History of television

B.                 Entertainment in broadcast media


IV.            Conclusion

A.                 How technology has a major influenced our society today


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