How might the factors which lead to the transmission of malaria be controlled?

How might the factors which lead to the transmission of malaria be controlled?

chapter 1; Introduction; (1950) + chapter 2; PRE-LIMINARY LITERATURE REVIEW –(3000 words) = 4950

chapter 1; Introduction; (2000)
-in the introduction, you need to discuss your clinical area in some detail, referring to government and social policy issues, statistics, public health issues etc. This section needs to be referenced.
-Give clear Aim and Objectives to guide your Dissertation
-set the context-you and your situation
-signpost your paper – a paragraph that explains the structure of your Dissertation.

Chapter 2
Give an overview of your topic, which clearly states the body of knowledge about your topic and therefore justifies your in-depth research, for example:
• The risks associated with smoking
• Some information about current prevention of smoking in adolescents. This will most likely be research from other countries and not possibly from Hong Kong
The PLR Chapter is a review of the body of knowledge surrounding your topic. From this overview, you are then saying:”There is an increasing incidence of smoking in adolescents and there is therefore a need for further in-depth research into the prevention of this problem”.
It should be obvious at the end of this chapter where the gap is in relation to your topic and should then lead in to your research question.
You wouldn’t generally included any of your chosen studies in this chapter.
You must clearly state your Research Question at the end of this chapter…..

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