How can we reposition the NBL to increase demand in the sport at a national level

NBL (Australian National Basketball “Men’s” League)

Over a number of years, we have witnessed the demise of the Australian Men’s Basketball League. Once a prospering sport, nationally occupying over 20 teams to its current standing of eight teams (i.e. seven from Australia and one from New Zealand). Whilst basketball still appears to have a place in many Australian households where a prospering number of juniors are playing the game, at a national level this has reduced. Despite the decline in participation of basketball teams nationally, the NBLs international presence remains strong.


Objective: Students are required to reposition the following product:

NBL within Australia: How can we reposition the NBL to increase demand in the sport at a national level?

Assessment comprises of two components: (1) Opportunity Analysis and (2) Marketing Mix Plan

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