How can Nestle increase demand/presence in the Australian marketplace

Nestle Chocolate

Swiss born company Nestle is considered one of the world’s leading companies in nutrition and health. Its innovative product lines have enabled it to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace. As witnessed here of recent in Australia, the confectionary industry has experienced turbulent times with the almost demise of Australian born Darrell Lea Chocolates. Despite the strong efforts of Nestle, Cadbury remains the leader in market share for chocolate both here in Australia and worldwide.

Nestle chocolate in the Australian market place: How can Nestle increase demand/presence in the Australian marketplace?

It would be advised that students reposition Nestle chocolate as a whole rather than focus on a specific product within the Nestle product/chocolate range (e.g., KitKat). Whilst individual products are important and contribute to a product category, a single product is unlikely or at least to a lesser extent be able to achieve brand repositioning to the same caliber as an entire brand/product range (KitKat, Milky bar, Crunchy, Smarties etc.).

Assessment comprises of two components: (1) Opportunity Analysis and (2) Marketing Mix Plan;

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