Highlight four ways in which application packages could enhance the efficiency of a business firm

The manager of a manufacturing company has noted several data entry errors in the sales analysis system used by his company. The sales analysis system contains the following fields:
Sales reference number
Product code
Product quantity
Product price
Product stock value

The manager has further observed that the errors may have arisen because the sales analysis system described above may not have undergone validation and verification checks.

a) citing an example in each case, explain the meaning of the following terms as used in computing:
1. Validation (4 marks)
2. Verification (4 marks)

b) For each of the fields in the sales analysis system above, state and justify the required type of data validation check. (12 marks)

a) Briefly describe the following internet applications:
1. Web blogs (3 marks)
2. Instant messaging (3 marks)

b)1. Distinguish between centralized data processing and distributed data processing. (2 marks)
2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of distributed data processing. (2 marks)

a) Public domain software could be obtained from friends and other sources.
1. Explain the term “public domain software” (2 marks)
2. Highlight the main reasons why software is often distributed under the umbrella of public domain software. (3 marks)
3. State three sources of public domain software (3 marks)

b) Highlight four ways in which application packages could enhance the efficiency of a business firm. (4 marks)

c) 1. Identify ways in which an organization could minimize unauthorized access to data in its computerized information systems. (4 marks)

2. Outline the methods used to detect data access in computerized information systems. (4 marks)




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