Haier Home Appliance Marketing Strategy in United States (Marketing Plan)

Draw up an action plan identifying the study skills and actions that you need to take to be successful on your master’s programme (approx. 1,250 words including table format with explanation; see template provided on WOLF)
3. Your personal reflections regarding how the module content will inform and assist you in producing a masters dissertation (approx. 1,250 words essay style)
You are asked to complete the 3 tasks as above; above using the templates provided on WOLF where requested. It is important that you debate and evaluate the relevant perspectives as well as address the topics and debates that have been covered in the taught part of the module.
To do this it is expected that you will research and review the current literature which underpins the above topics and the portfolio is to be written in an academic styleusing the Harvard Reference system in all tasks. Your work should meet the relevant post graduate academic grade descriptors to gain a pass…………….

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