Gold Coast Show

The organisers of the Gold Coast Show want to develop a better understanding of attendee motives. From previous iterations of delivering the event, the managers know that the event attracts tourists and non-tourists (definitions provided below). The event organisers want to develop understanding of:

(1) The demographic profile of attendees;

(2) The relative importance of each motive tested;

(3) Whether the motives of tourists and non-tourists are different;

(4) Whether attendees’ event satisfaction is correlated with intentions to attend the event next year.

Points to note

  • Write a brief literature review (300-400 words) in relation to event motives and event tourist motives that includes a minimum of three academic references. The review should contain research questions to frame the analysis, which follows. It is recommended to include “cultural events” as a search term. Do not specifically search Gold Coast Show.
  • Write a brief method section, which outlines the analysis procedures used and provides an outline of quantitative research.
  • Present a demographic profile of attendees in the form of a frequency table including each of the demographic variables captured.
  • Present a table containing the means and standard deviation values for each of the event motives, plus the event satisfaction and future intentions questions for tourists, non-tourists and the whole sample.
  • Conduct t-tests to examine whether any differences in event motives, between the tourist and non-tourist groups are significant (this analysis should be in the table with the means).
  • Conduct three correlations to examine the strength of the relationship between event satisfaction and future intention to attend the event (i.e., in 2016) for the total sample, tourists and non-tourists. Correlations (r = ) should be presented in the text, not in a table.

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